Wide angled photo from the very back of an indoor event space. A crowd of people is looking towards a stage at the back of the room lit up by a blue projector screen with the words Music Market. The flooring is a grey-brown colour and the high white ceilings are illuminated by LED bar lights.


Frequently Asked Questions

When are Music Market’s spaces available?

Music Market is available for hire all year. Please contact Music Market’s Management Team by emailing info@musicmarket.com.au to discuss specific date request.

How far in advance can I make a booking?

Music Market is currently taking bookings until the 30th of June 2025 with the primary objective of supporting Victoria’s music industry. Please contact the Music Market Manager on 03 7018 3205 for information on availability.

What is Music Market’s capacity?

Each of the Music Market spaces has a variable capacity depending on its size and how you arrange seating. It is the hirer’s responsibility to comply with maximum patron capacities as stated in the space’s technical specifications.

Does Music Market have sound or noise restrictions?

Sound and noise arising from events in Music Market must be capped at 90dB. Any noise, voice or other music amplification must be at a lawful acoustic level and must not cause excessive disruption for other Collingwood Yards tenants, particularly during business hours.


You must immediately follow and adhere to any direction made by Music Market’s management team, your Venue Supervisor and/or Technician on the day, or the Victoria Police to reduce noise volume. The ultimate decision on noise levels during your event lies with the relevant Music Market staff member.

Can I book Music Market for a non-music event?

Music Market’s primary objective is to support Victoria’s music industry. Music events are sometimes waiting on grant application outcomes or other sources of fundraising and may have a short lead time for confirming their events. Whilst we welcome non-music bookings, we are mindful of giving every opportunity to Victoria’s music sector to access Music Market.


Due to the popularity of the venue and an increase in advanced bookings from events other than music, Music Market is pleased to tentatively book your event in advance and confirm your booking 60 days from your event delivery date.

How late can my event run?

Music Market is a new venue and as such is testing appropriate curfews for events. Currently events must finish by 1am and a 2am curfew applies for bump-out.


If bump-out is likely to continue past 2am, hirers are required to book the venue for a half-day of bump-out for the following day.

How long can I hire Music Market for?

You and the Music Market Manager will agree on a commencement and finish time for your event. If the venue is not vacated by the agreed finish time, you may be required to pay additional charges.

Can I decorate the venue?

All decorations and signage must be approved by Music Market’s management team in the lead up to your booking, to ensure the venue will not be damaged. All decorations must be removed from the space by the completion of bump-out. If decorations are left onsite, Music Market’s management team will contact you to arrange for their collection. Additional labour calls may be required if Music Market has to pack down any decorations or hirer equipment post-event.

Do I need to provide insurance?

All events at Music Market will require evidence of Public Liability Insurance to the value of $20 million. A copy of your Certificate of Currency must be provided to Music Market’s management team prior to the event.

Music Market reserves the right to cancel or refuse access for a booking if PLI is not provided upon request and prior to commencement of the booking.

Can I sell alcoholic beverages?

If you will be providing alcoholic drinks to patrons, you must hold a liquor licence obtained from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR). You are responsible for ensuring that the licence and all required signage is displayed at the point of service and that any conditions of your liquor license such as security for your event have been arranged.


A copy of your liquor license must be provided to the Music Market Manager prior to your event. If a liquor license is not provided prior to the commencement of your booking, you will not be permitted to serve alcohol.


Providing a ‘free’ drink with the purchase of a show ticket is deemed as a transaction of sale for alcohol and requires a liquor license. Details on obtaining a limited liquor license for your event can be found on the VCGLR website or by phoning 1300 182 457.


If you would like Music Market to arrange bar services for your event, please speak to the Music Market Manager who will be happy to assist.

Can I sublet the venue?

You may sublet your hired space, only with the prior written consent of Music Market’s management team; This type of hire will attract the commercial venue hire rate. The types of events for which subletting may be permitted include fairs or exhibitions where stallholders or exhibitors are charged an occupancy fee.

What is the process for booking Music Market?

Contact Music Market to check date availability and to discuss the details of your event. The Music Market team will arrange a site visit if required. Following a discussion of your requirements, the Music Market team will make a tentative booking, generate a quote for your hire and send it to you.

Preference will be given to bookings for the music sector. If your booking is for a non-music purpose, you will be provided with a quote, but we won’t be able to confirm your booking until 60 days before the event date. Please speak to the Music Market Manager about your timeline for confirmation.

  • To secure your booking, contact the Music Market Manager. Music Market will generate a contract and deposit invoice for your booking.
  • In the leadup to your event you’ll need to provide copies of supporting documentation including your Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments and your Liquor License if required for your event.

What event details does Music Market need to know?

If you are planning to run an event at Music Market, you will need to have an initial conversation with the Music Market Manager about the event itself, the number of attendees anticipated, whether the event is ticketed, whether a bar will be offered and any other relevant information.


Upon request, the hirer will also supply the Music Market Manager with a detailed event-schedule or program. This schedule should detail exactly what is to take place during the bump-in, event, and bump-out.


Hirers are required to supply contact details of volunteers and/or personnel who will be organising the event/function – in particular, the event organisers attending and responsible for the event throughout its duration.

My event includes controversial content – What does Music Market need to know?

The hirer must give immediate notice to Music Market if the project is likely to be highly controversial or may impact the reputation of Music Market, VMDO, Music Victoria, or Collingwood Yards. Advanced notice will enable Music Market’s management team to address any media issues that may arise.


In some instances, the hirer may be required to post a clear and visible notice at the venue regarding the controversial content. Music Market reserves the right to reject hires if the controversial content is deemed too great a reputational risk.

What staffing will my event require?

All bookings within the first-floor event spaces require paid venue staff.

  • All bump in/out and technical runs require a Music Market Venue Technician at a minimum and may require additional technical crew.
  • Filming and live-stream events will require a Venue Technician for the duration of access.
  • During public-attendance events, the Venue Technician will be present and working in the role of Venue Supervisor. The Supervisor is a dedicated crowd-management role and cannot serve a secondary role such as front of house, bar service, stage management or Operator during the event. If you require additional staff to fulfill these roles, please speak to the Music Market Manager who can arrange them for you. Additional staff will be required for a minimum 4-hour call and costs will be quoted as part of your booking process.

Will my event require any specialist labour?

Some events may require the engagement of specialist labour, such as Riggers, AV specialists and specialist equipment operators. Specialists will be engaged through Music Market for your event. The charges for these specialists will be added to your quote.

If you wish to bring in a particular specialist, please speak to the Music Market Manager who will confirm whether this is possible. Music Market’s management team must provide written approval for hirers to engage their own specialist labour.

Who provides additional staff?

It is the responsibility of the hirer to arrange any of the following staff that a booking may require, including:

  • sound and lighting designers
  • security staff
  • COVID marshals

Music Market will require evidence of staff members being hired for the event.


Crew, operators, front of house, bar staff and ticketing staff can be arranged through Music Market. Please contact the Music Market Manager to discuss your requirements.

Can I help with the set-up of the venue to reduce labour costs?

Music Market has a standard configuration which includes lighting and AV in position. Moving Music Market’s lighting and AV equipment can only be done by Music Market staff.

You may be able to help with set up and pack down of Music Market furniture, under the supervision of Music Market’s Venue Technician. The furniture within the room must be reset to standard configuration upon completion of your hire. If furniture is not reset to standard at the end of your hire, you will be charged additional labour for the Venue Technician to reset the room.

My event is a small meeting/rehearsal. Will my event need labour?

At the discretion of Music Market’s management team, hirers may be able to access venue spaces without incurring labour calls, if the event begins and ends during standard business hours, and the activity has been deemed safe to go ahead unsupervised.

This is not applicable to public-attendance events whether ticketed or by invitation only.

Will my event require Security Services?

Some events at Music Market will require Security Services. Please discuss this requirement with the Music Market Manager. For some events, Music Market will require the use of their preferred security company in particular when alcohol is being served.

In general, the industry rule of two guards for the first 100 people and one guard for every 100 people thereafter will be employed. Music Market may request that you obtain additional security based on the level of risk associated with your booking. Proof of the security booking with a registered security company must be supplied to the Music Market Manager prior to the event.

Music Market has a preferred security supplier on our suppliers list. Please contact us should you wish to receive a copy of our suppliers list.

Can Music Market help me source additional equipment for my event?

If you require additional equipment speak with Music Market’s management team about your requirements. Music Market will source the additional equipment and the hire fees will be payable as part of your booking.

For additional equipment or non-standard configuration of spaces, additional labour is likely to be required. Music Market will confirm any additional charges with you before committing to additional equipment or labour charges.

Can I bring my own equipment to use during my event?

Hirers are permitted to bring equipment to site for use during their event. All equipment brought to site including laptops, lighting, AV and any associated cables, must have a current test and tag sticker, confirming that the item is safe for use. Items without a current tag are not permitted to be used at Music Market.

Does my equipment need a current Test and Tag?

Yes, all equipment used on site must have a current test and tag. Music Market may have a staff member onsite who is able to conduct equipment testing for you provided you have five or fewer items requiring testing. Fees for test & tag will apply. If you have more than 5 untagged items, Music Market reserves the right to require the hirer bring in a qualified electrician to complete the testing and tagging of items, at your expense.

Can I park at Music Market?

Music Market has no public parking available on site. We recommend utilising public transport options when visiting the venue. The surrounding area has limited permit, metered, and timed on-street parking.

For information on how to get to Music Market, please look at our ‘how to find us’ page

Is Music Market accessible?

Music Market has made every effort to be as accessible as possible. Please follow the below links for more information on the accessibility for Music Market’s spaces.

Please contact us for any specific questions you might have around accessibility, and we will do our best to facilitate your accessibility needs.

How can I make my event more accessible?

Music Market has a list of preferred suppliers which includes accessibility consultants, Auslan interpreting services and closed-captioning services. Please contact us should you wish to receive a copy of our suppliers list.

You might also like to review this Artist Essentials Toolkit put together by Arts Access Australia.

Do I need to be onsite before my event opening?

Hirers and their teams must be onsite a minimum of 60 minutes before doors open on the first day of public access for their event. This allows enough time to ensure that all relevant team members complete a venue induction.

Can I leave valuable items onsite?

You are responsible for the safekeeping of all valuables and cash associated with your event. Music Market and Music Victoria will not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by the hirer.


Music Market does not have storage onsite for non-Music Market items.

Does Music Market have kitchen facilities?

Music Market does not have Kitchen facilities, though limited catering supports are available including;

  • 2x glass-fronted mini-fridges
  • 2x Microwaves for warming catering
  • A boiling and chilled water tap
  • A bar service area

Limited storage for additional bar stock is also available during your event only.

Can I bring in catering for my event?

Yes. You are welcome to organise your own catering for your event. The Music Market Manager must be provided with your catering supplier’s safe food handling permits.

If you wish, Music Market can recommend catering and coffee suppliers for your event. Please contact us should you wish to receive a copy of our suppliers list.


No barbecuing is permitted at, in or around the venue whether on portable equipment or otherwise, unless approved in advance of your event, by Music Market’s management team.


If you wish to arrange a food truck for your event, please speak to the Music Market Manager who will discuss suitable options and positioning of the food truck during your event.

Is smoking permitted?

All Collingwood Yards venues including Music Market are smoke-free zones, and smoking is strictly prohibited in all spaces and surrounding areas.

Can I use candles, fire or special effects?

Naked flames including candles, smoke machines, special balloon effects and pyrotechnics are prohibited at, in or around the venue, without the prior written consent of the Music Market Manager. Pease speak to the Music Market Manager about your requirements.

How do I cancel my booking?

If you need to cancel your booking, please inform the Music Market Manager immediately. Please note that penalties may apply according to the conditions outlined in your contract.

Do you have restrictions on heavy items or liquids in the space?

For items of significant weights and items containing liquids – including bars where liquid spills are common – every measure must be taken to protect all Music Market flooring from damage. Damage to flooring will incur additional costs.


Please consult with Music Market’s Management Team before and throughout your hire on appropriate protective measures according to items, furniture, fridges, venue dressing, catering and bars required for your event.

Should I have a Welcome to Country or Acknowledgement of Country at my event?

Music Market encourages hirers to conduct a Welcome to Country at the commencement of their proceedings. A Welcome to Country can be arranged through https://www.wurundjeri.com.au/ 


If you are unable to arrange a Welcome to Country, an Acknowledgement of Country is strongly encouraged. The below is an example of text which can be used, for the nations whose land we are on:


[Your event or company name] acknowledge/s the Traditional Owners, the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation, on whose unceded land Music Market is situated. We pay our deep respects to Elders past and present as well as to all First Peoples of this land.

Where can I go for further resources and information for planning my event?

Music Market recommends looking at City of Melbourne’s comprehensive guide to event planning

Do I need a Risk Assessment?

Music Market’s management team may determine that a Risk assessment is required for your booking. Music Market will be able to provide you with a Risk Assessment template but responsibility for completing the Risk Assessment lies with the hirer. Risk assessments will be reviewed by Music Market’s management team and there may be a need for additional works in order to ensure safe delivery of your event. You will be provided with confirmation by Music Market’s management team when your Risk Assessment is approved.

If a Risk Assessment is requested by Music Market’s management team and is not provided, your event may not be permitted to progress.

Are cleaning costs payable for my event?

Cleaning charges are determined by the nature of your event, the number of attendees and the space hired. If your event is likely to generate additional waste or require excessive cleaning, the Music Market Manager will confirm the additional charges following a discussion about the nature of your event.

In some instances, if the venue is left excessively unclean, additional cleaning charges will be applied. This additional cleaning will be arranged by Music Market’s management team and charges for this cleaning will be invoiced to you.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Music Market takes cleaning very seriously. Please contact the Music Market Manager to discuss your event including the cleaning charges.

Do I need to arrange waste disposal for my event?

For many events, Music Market’s standard waste disposal streams will be sufficient to manage your waste. If your event is likely to generate a lot of waste, additional waste collections may be required.

The Music Market Manager will speak with you about the nature of your event and if required, Music Market will arrange additional waste provisions. If additional bins or waste collections are required for your event, the charges will be added to your quote.

Are there any discounts available to me as a hirer of Music Market?

Music Market offers a 15% discount on venue hire charges to fellow tenants at Collingwood Yards.

A 25% discount on venue hire charges is available for hirers who identify as a member of one of the below groups.

  • First Peoples
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
  • D/deaf and/or Disabled
  • Regional music workers

Discounts only apply to the venue hire charges – other costs including labour, equipment hire, and cleaning are hard costs and as such are ineligible for discount.

Only one of the above discounts can be applied to the venue hire charges for your booking. Whichever is greater.

Does Music Market arrange ticketing for events?

Music Market does not arrange ticketing. You can use the ticketing company of your choice for your event. If you are seeking a ticketing supplier, Music Market recommends using Humanitix or Eventbrite. Please contact us should you wish to receive a copy of our suppliers list for more information.

Can Music Market help me to promote my event?

When you confirm your booking ask you for the details of your event. Music Market will list your event on the Music Market website What’s On page. You will also be asked if you would like to list your event on the Collingwood Yards events page and if so, instructions on submitting your listing will be provided to you by the Music Market Manager.

Music Market may advertise your event on our social media channels if appropriate. Please note that promotion through Music Market’s social media channels is at the discretion of Music Market’s team and cannot be guaranteed.

Please speak to the Music Market Manager about listing and promoting your event.

Does my event need a OneMusic license?

Music Market has a general OneMusic license, but the following types of events will be required to obtain an event-specific license.

  • Where gross-spend on Live Artists is more than $4,000 (includes all expenses related to an artist like salaries, accommodation, manager fees etc)
  • Dance or exercise classes
  • Nightclub-style events
  • Events run by National Event Promoters (see OneMusic website for the list of these recognised Promoters)

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure their event complies with the terms of Music Market’s OneMusic licence and where it does not to arrange a licence for and cover all costs associated with the relevant licence to their event. Please speak to the Music Market Manager for more information.