It’s Our First Birthday!


Since Music Market opened just over a year ago, we have cultivated a thriving music community based that champions conversation, collaboration & creation.


Music Market hosted 116 events in our first year.

More than twice a week, the space became a bustling hub of creativity, providing networking opportunities for both longstanding industry and emerging young professionals.

During our first year, Music Market welcomed 43 Co-Work residents through its doors.

We are delighted to have created such a wonderful community of creatives, and can’t wait to build this community in the future.

Our boardroom was occupied for over 125 hours.

We are so excited to have been the meeting place for hours of developing new ideas and creating new opportunities in the industry.

And of course, 11,180 cups of coffee and 232 cheese boards.

We wouldn’t have made it through our first year if it wasn’t for our ongoing supply of lovely food and drink. Events wouldn’t be the same without it!




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