VMDO Links : Modern Day Music Careers

In 2022 what does it mean to navigate a modern day music career?



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VMDO Links is back in 2022, live from Music Market – the new home to support the Victorian music industry.

4-6pm, Wednesday 9th March

In 2022 what does it mean to navigate a modern day music career?

We already know that the artist’s career involves so much more than recording and touring. With a vast amount of alternative revenue streams at the artists finger tips, what areas are worthy of their attention? From sponsorships, sync licensing, songwriting and side hustles, the opportunities appear to be endless, but navigating them requires a clear road map and strategic thinking.

Additionally, increased opportunities brings new challenges. Artists (and their teams) are being asked to do more than ever before, so how can we cultivate a supportive environment and manage the risk of burn out?

Leading the panel discussion is music strategist Amber Horsburgh. She’ll be joined by Ben Dennis (Myriad Management) and artists Beatrice and Jade Empress. We’ll take a deep dive into what alternative revenue streams are grabbing their attention and discuss what a sustainable music career looks like.

On the day, join us at 4.00pm sharp, as the panel will begin straight away. The panel event will run for approximately an hour, we’ll then open up the room to networking, drinks and nibbles.

Moderator: Amber Horsburgh

Speakers: Beatrice, Ben Dennis (Myriad Management) and Jade Empress

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